Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The triumph of Islam in the world

WHEN 1300 years ago Commander Tariq Bin Ziyad burned his ship and landed at Gibraltar (Jabal Tariq), Tariq forces which only about 7000 people were able to defeat the king Roderick Spanish troops numbering 25,000 people.

This victory was of course the help of God alone, but there are optional human sides that also must strive to achieve victory. Among the optional side of this is an attempt to provide an efficient logistics to support the troops.

Can you imagine, after Tariq landed the troops and set fire to his ship - with what he can continue to get pushed into mainland Spain? Was walking? Of course not. They also prepare horses for the war to defeat the mighty power of a much larger enemy.

But it's horses need to be fed to remain strong run, then from where eating? Meanwhile, when 7000 Muslim forces entered the first time to Spain of course has not been possible to obtain logistic support from the region had entered because everything is still the enemy's territory. This is the importance of logistics in every movement of troops, so in addition they have enough supplies for the troops, they also took with them enough for the horses.

To remain strong, the horse should be fed nutritionally adequate. If the carry is common grasses, would need so much grass to be brought on board so there is no longer a place for his troops. So there should be little enough grass to make the horses are still mighty. Alfaafa grass was (later the Spanish call it alfalfa), which supplies logistics to feed the horses this Tariq.

During the period of nearly eight centuries later (781 years), the Islamic forces of the earth prosper most of Europe, among others, by teaching them farming etc., including also plant this alfaafa. So when the Spanish forces led Hernando Cortez landed his ships in Mexico in 1519 or 27 years after the end of Muslim rule in Spain (1492), they have learned is almost 8 centuries of Islam - including in terms of preparing the logistics of war.

Cortez-Hernado troops were bringing the horses and brought grass-grass also is alfaafa - from the American continent where alfaafa know it until now. Spain controlled Latin America about 300 years, or nearly the same as the Dutch master of this country. So do not be surprised if one of the languages that popular in Latin America today is Spanish.

The other side is not a concern and rarely written about in history is the logistics. Forces become superior when ligistiknya also superior. When Islam excels in Spain 781 years, the logistics they excel - and they also master alfaafa plants.

When the Spanish 300 years later replace the superior particularly in Latin America, they also excel in the field of logistics, including alfaafa for their horses - the advantage that they learned during the 781 years of Islam in Spain.

Now a new country a new United States exist is less than 240 years, they are not directly 'control' the world with military force, technology, popular culture and livestock products (meat) and agriculture - including his alfaafa which reached about 9.2 million hectares of planting area - the largest in the world today.

Then there is nothing accidental in this world, sunatullah the applicable law of cause and effect and is proven in history. Islam Berjaya 781 years in Spain when the optional side they are also strong - that with his efforts that helped their God, their iktiar side logistics, including preparing for war horses with the most efficient grass is alfaafa - a name well known character in the al- Quran (Surah 78: 16 and Surah 80: 28).

But why alfaafa or alfalfa could be a plus factor in the triumph of the nations in world history? In the science of energy, known as the term EROI - Energy Return On Investment. That is energy earned (produced) divided by the energy consumed (consumed) of a system.

Nations that have the highest EROI energy management with him, who will have extra energy to maintain the existence of the nation and will continue to grow. Instead of nations that have a system with low EROI, then he will be hard to survive and even be likely to become extinct.

Related to this EROI; for agricultural products alfaafa have the highest EROI compared to other crops such as wheat, corn etc.. EROI Alfaafa is 27, dibandingkankan with only the range of 12 wheat and corn in the range of 6. So with the same input alfaafa give the 2:25 time of wheat and about 4.5 times that of corn.

That is what this is? Nations that mastered alfaafa not a coincidence that they also take over the world for energy efficiency in the production side of food and feed for their livestock. It is no coincidence as well when in the Koran there are two consecutive letters that it contains the instructions to pay attention to matters of food and feed this: "Mataa 'wa li allakum an'amikum." (All for you and for your livestock animals ). [Sura 79:33 and Sura 80: 32].

So this is part of that endeavor, we also endeavor to start planting alfaafa - as a source of food and feed a highly efficient all-time.

Of the three meetings in a boarding school Entrepreneurial Weekend, at least we have distributed seeds alfaafa to approximately 300 people and also to learn together how to grow it.

Hopefully this be the start of the rise of this people, beginning to restore the glory of Muslim civilization in the midst of other peoples who now rule the world again - which also complement efforts made by our brothers in the field of strengthening others aqeedah, education, politics, economic, etc. thinking. Hopefully.


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