Wednesday, January 18, 2012

News of the Islamic World: Hamas calls for "Jihad" Against Zionist Electronics

Islamic World news: the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas called for an escalation of attacks on Internet sites of Israel and called for the development of what he calls a means of "electronic warfare" against the Zionist occupiers of Israel.

In a statement issued on Sunday (1/15/2012), playing Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, considered that the action repeatedly and successfully penetrate the Zionist electronic sites allow "opening a new arena from the arena of electronic resistance and the start of the war against Israel. "

Palestine Information Center quoted. Hamas also called on the Palestinians and all Arabs to continue the "role elektromik" and work to develop in various fields in an effort to confront the Zionist crimes and respond.

Earlier Israeli military has instructed the formation of a team of internet penetration of a cadre of experts (hackers), whose job is contributing to the strengthening of military capabilities in the face of "electronic warfare" in the middle of a situation he called "growing threat" to threaten the Zionist network of various directions.


Meanwhile, the Zionists are reportedly increasingly aggressive conduct Yahudisas Al-Quds (Jerusalem). On Sunday, several bulldozers 'Israel' are deployed to accelerate the construction of the park gates Talmudic between Damascus and Herod's gates. Both of these gates is the most famous gate in the Old City (Al-Quds) Jerusalem.

Accelerating the development is part of an effort to Yahudikan Jerusalem by altering the characteristics of its culture.

On Sultan Suleiman Street, near the Damascus gate are later changed, after all park development plans are realized. In addition to the park, the Zionist invaders also intends to build a parking lot .*


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