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How Much Liability Breastfeeding A baby?

"The mothers should suckle their children for two whole years, ie for those who want to enhance the breastfeeding. And the father to feed and clothes to mothers by doing good. A person is not burdened but according to ability levels.

No mother suffered misery because of his son and a father of her child, and thus obliged warispun. If they want to weaning (before two years) with both eagerness and deliberation, then there is no blame on them. And if you want your son disusukan by others, it is no sin for you if you make payments according to the worthy. Ye fear Allah and know that Allah is Seer of what ye do. "[Al-Baqarah 233]

In Surat al-Baqarah verse 233, Allah ordered the mother to breastfeed her child for two full years. If you want to wean before 2 years, should be consulted first and should be mutually willing.
Although the ancients had no cow's milk, camel milk, and goat's milk, but in Islam, human babies should be fed by humans. Not by animals such as cows. Therefore if a mother could not breastfeed her child, she must seek the mother's milk to breastfeed her child. So their children can still drink milk or human milk.

The penalty for mothers who do not want to breastfeed her child when she was able to very severe. That is tormented in hell:
Rasulullah SAW said, "Suddenly I see women that their breasts torn apart by a vicious snake. So I asked: 'Why them?' The angel answered: 'They are the women who do not want to breastfeed their children (without reason syar'i)'. "(Reported by al-Hakim) - ash-Shaykh Muqbil rahimahullaah in Saheeh al-Jami'ush said:" This hadeeth of Abu Al-Bahili Umaamah ".
Tips For Breastfeeding Current and Lots

Generally, the mother may breastfeed her child with milk without the help of canned milk / dairy cows. Of course there are ways to do.

1. Immediately feed your baby with breast milk. 5-10 minutes after the baby is born, babies can be breastfed after cleaning. My sister in one hospital could be like that, so thank God the baby cries only briefly because of silence after feeding. The first milk is very good because it contains colostrum. Therefore if there is maternity hospital that gave milk cans, it's the wrong action.
2. Feed your baby every 1-2 hours. If you are not breastfeeding up to 5 hours more for example because of work, then your milk production will shrink and eventually stopped. It is better to leave before even without a salary for at least 1 year.
Some researchers claim that mothers do not breastfeed their children during the first full year the possibility of getting breast cancer is very large. Besides the lack of breastfeeding infants (less than 6 months), despite the look fat / plump, susceptible to disease because their immune lacking.
In any case human milk is best for humans. Instead of cow's milk or the other.
3. Her mind must be calm. Many diseases that arise from the mind. Similarly, milk production could also be stopped if the mother's stress. Therefore, mothers should be calm and patient. Avoid bad thought / su 'u zhon, irritated, let alone angry. Should always be patient, kind thought / husnu zhon, and quiet.
4. Food / nutrition should be enough. Vegetables such as katuk Vegetable, Spinach, and pare very well to increase milk. Likewise, papaya, dates, beans, green beans, and so on. Added should also drink honey and milk.
5. Do not give your baby formula. Usually if a baby is fed infant formula, infant eventually become lazy sucking at his mother's breast milk. This is in addition to infant formula because it tastes better nutritional although far below the breast, but also dot dairy milk is easier than removing the mother's nipple.
6. Do not give baby pacifier Dot (Pacifier). Because even make a baby so calm and not crying, so eventually the baby does not suckle. Over time other than the baby's body so thin, milk production may also decline even if the baby stops breastfeeding rare. Breastfeed your baby every 1-2 hours. So it was when feeding, mothers should not work or take a sabbatical.
7. Mothers should get plenty of rest so that her breastmilk still a lot. Often babies wake at night and sleep during the day. Mom can try to wake her during the day to be able to sleep at night. But as long as the baby is awake at night and sleep during the day, the mother would not want to have to come up during the night and sleep during the day to rest enough. The important worship and homework are not overlooked.


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