Monday, December 19, 2011

Islamic World News: Student Affairs in Japan Learning Sciences Tafseer

Assalam mosque, Okachimachi, Tokyo again lively with activity of Indonesia students and workers in Tokyo and surrounding areas. A two weekly review with the name "Islamic Studies Okachimachi" (kimochi), again despite the weather held that Japan has begun to cool.

Kimochi study consists of two parts: First, the study of interpretation which is filled by KH. Jailani Abdussalam, LC, MA. Second, "Exposing the Basic Principles in Arabic" by Ust. Abdurrohman.

In a study yesterday, Gilani Abdussalam provide an explanation about the Tafseer Surat Al-Baqarah: 178-186.

In general, these verses discuss about some of the road to faith, including those in three things: qishas, ​​wills and fasting.

While the second speaker presented the theme of the basic principles of Arabic. In the material had a chance to tell the story of Rabiah ibn Utbah, an expert on poetry and magic of idolaters yangg classes in interpretation of Ibn Kathir letter Fushilat paragraph 1 to paragraph Sajadah.

Utbah was sent by his people to meet with Muhammad to stop preaching by offering wealth, power, empire, and if it will looked for physicians bewitched until healed.

Then the noble Prophet recited Surat al Fushshilat, very surprised to hear that Utbah can not say apa2 Prophet heard the letter read. Utbah back to his people with a different face than before meeting the Prophet saying that it's not magic or spells, and says nothing will stop her, even if the Arabs can defeat the Arab nation's victory is a victory as well. The story is intentionally submitted to demonstrate features of Arabic as the language of the Koran.

Some good reasons to learn Arabic taught cleric Abdurrahman described at the end of the session. But his hopes, in the presence of this material can easily learn the language of the Koran.

"Hopefully this matter can spur us to learn the language of this Qur'an," said Abdurrrahman.

Fithra Faisal, one of the Steering Committee explained that kimochi recitation was held at the initiative of the participants Dauroh Tsukuba III held a year ago.

Similar Daurah apparently also wanted the students and workers from different regions of Indonesia in Tokyo and surrounding areas. As Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Saitama and Chiba.Mereka hoping to have two pekanan routine recitation. This is precisely the reason for the "Forum for Islamic Studies Tokyo and Surrounding Areas" (FORKITA) to hold Pengajian istiqomah kimochi who will turn one year old this coming January.

FORKITA will again hold Daurah Tsukuba IV to be held in Tsukuba Mosque, in cooperation with the Indonesian Muslim Community Forum Tsukuba (FKMIT) .


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