Thursday, December 22, 2011

Islamic World News: West condemns Jewish Settlements Development

Four European countries that are members of the UN Security Council, namely France, Britain, Germany and Portugal, condemned the decision of Israel to the proposed construction of a new Zionist settlements in the complex-complex settlements in the West Bank and Al Quds.

After a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss about the conditions in the Middle East, the four countries issued a joint statement expressing "shock" them to the development of what he called "totally negative".

The four countries were asked the government to stop the Zionist Israeli settlers attack by Jewish settlers against the Palestinian population.

"We condemn the escalation of violence by Jewish settlers, including pembakarang Ukasha mosque in al-Quds mosque Barqa west and in the West Bank. It is clear that the provocative attacks against places of worship was done in order to increase tensions," the statement quoted the four countries Palestinian Information Center.

Israel will develop their 348 unit residential complex in Eilat Bitar Zionist settlements in the western town of Bethlehem in the West Bank and 500 residential units in residential complexes Harhoma (Jabal Abu Ganim) in the eastern al-Quds and 180 housing units in Givat Ze'iv residential complex in north al Quds.

The four countries in the statement asserts that the decision of Israel and the Zionist entity perpecepatan settlement "raises the message alarming", especially about Israel's intentions sesugguhnya. The four European countries are calling for Israel's Zionist government to reconsider its decision.

Mentioned that the Israeli Zionist occupation government on Sunday decided to build 1000 housing units in complexes of Zionist settlements in the West Bank stands and al Quds. This step as part of the acceleration of Jewish settlement activity after Palestinians gain full membership in the United Nations Organization for Education, Culture and Science (UNESCO) .*


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