Monday, December 19, 2011

MUI fatwa against Christmas Celebration

Council of Ulama Indonesia or MUI stated that following the ruling of Christmas celebration is haram, including also say Merry Christmas.

Islam forbids his people to celebrate Christmas on December 25. The reason, Christmas is not taught in the Gospels, especially the birth of Christ as symbolized by the Christmas tree.

The following MUI Fatwa About Christmas:
1. Christmas celebrations in Indonesia despite the aim to celebrate and honor the Prophet Isa, however, Christmas can not be separated from the issues described above. (Prophet Isa was not born on December 25, but in March).
2. Following the ceremony Christmas with haraam for Muslims.
3. That Muslims are not falling prey to the doubtful and prohibitions of Allah SWT, it is recommended not to follow the activities of Christmas.

Therefore, you should as Muslims, we just respect and mutual respect of each conviction. If invited to do, some have argued should not be, but some have argued may be, provided the purpose is not to celebrate Christmas, but only just formed friendships and mutual respect.


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